There are these four women - in their late 50s or 60s - playing 
	mahjong one day and one woman stops playing and says, "I have to 
	tell you all something - I'm a kleptomaniac - but I want you to know, 
	I've NEVER taken anything from any of you", so the next woman says, 
	"well, as long as we're being honest - I have to tell you, I'm a 
	nymphomaniac - but I have my own circle of people - and I've never 
	hit on any of your family members or friends" and so the third woman
	says, "well, I'm a lesbian - but you have no worries- I've never 
	been attracted to any of you" and so the 4th woman says, "well, I'm 
	a yenta and I have to go make some phone calls!!!"

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