The Weather Rock

		This is something I saw at the Park Service building at Donner 
		Lake, CA.  Apparently they are quite common in the west, I had 
		never seen it before and  thought it was funny.

		The weather rock is a large rock suspended by a chain from the 
		center of a 6 ft. tripod made of fallen branches. Quite a rustic 
		scene.  Next to it, there was a sign. . . .

		The weather rock prophet

		This rock is the perfect weather indicator. It never fails. It is 
		more accurate than your local weatherman; it is 100% correct. This 
		is how it works:

				A dry rock means fair weather.
				A wet rock means it's raining.
				A dusty rock means a dust storm.
				A swaying rock means the wind is blowing.
				A shadow under the rock means the sun is shining.
				If the rock is jumping up and down, an earthquake 
					is upon us.
				A white rock means there is a snow storm.

		Most beautiful of all, though the rock is not attached to its existence, 
		it doesn't mind if which of the above is occuring.

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