You Know Your Lab is Too Warm When...

	1)  	Your low melt agarose does.

	2)   	No matter how often you fill them, your ethanol bottels 
		are always empty.

	3)  	You can heat-shock your bacterial transformations on your 

	4)  	The gas from a bunsen burner spontaneously ignites.

	5)  	You put your plates in the incubator to cool down.
	6)  	Every time you open the fridge door, it rains.

	7)  	The urea in your sequencing gel mixes, goes into solution 
		without difficulty.

	8)  	A pellet of dry ice has a half-life of 12.3 seconds.

	9)  	The Taq polymerase begins to denature.

	10) 	The glucose in the cupboard begins to caramelize.

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