A man dressed in a suit comes up to the front porch of house juggling
	a clipboard, some papers, and a briefcase. He knocks on the door and
	it's answered by a middle-aged man, "Mornin' stranger, what can I do
	for ya?". 

	"Well sir, I represent Schneller, Barnum, and Holtz. We're paid by
	private companies to canvas thousands of consumers like yourself for
	feedback on their products. Today we're soliciting comments on
	Vaseline petroleum jelly. Would you have time to answer just a couple
	of questions?" 

	"I don't see how a couple of questions could hurt, fire away young
	man", says the homeowner. 

	Looking down at his clipboard, the survey-taker asks, "Okay...first,
	you do use Vaseline, correct?". 

	"Yessir, for as long as I can remember".  

	"Great, now what exactly do you use it for?" replies the survey-taker
	with his pen poised over his clipboard, ready to record the answer. 

	"Let's see.....we use it for dry skin, chapped lips, and sex." 

	The well-dressed man stops writing abruptly. He looks around, leans
	forward and in a low voice says "We pride ourselves in being very
	thorough sir. I know how you'd use Vaseline for dry skin and chapped
	lips. But would you mind telling me how you use it for sex?"

	"No problem," the homeowner says in a whisper, "we put it on our
	bedroom doorknob". 

	The survey-taker gets a strange look on his face and takes a step
	backwards before the homeowner continues, "It keeps the kids out".

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