Valentine's Day Memo

Valentine's Day is coming up, and some of you may have difficulty in composing a properly passionate Valentine's Day Greeting to your sweet-patootie. Here is a suggested form:

Date:  (enter appropriate date here, like February 14 or 13)

To:  (enter appropriate name here -- CAUTION:  don't put more than one
      per memo, and be careful to send to correct person)

From:  (enter your name or pet-name -- CAUTION:  use right pet-name ...)

Subject:  Valentine

It has been brought to my attention that I would be remiss in my duties
were I not to comment upon your performance as Executive Valentine.
Your performance in this capacity during the past fiscal year has been
more than adequate -- nay, commendable.

Further, let me advise you that my Passionate Regard for you remains
unchanged since my previous statements upon this subject and may be
assumed to remain unchanged unless you receive specific contrary
notification in writing.

Please do not hesitate to communicate with me should you have any
questions or if I can be of any other assistance.

Yours truly,

There.  If that doesn't melt your True Love's heart, nothing will.

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