Ukranian Parliament

	It's the first session of the Ukranian parliament and Kravchuk 
	is presiding. He's a little nervous because of all the Western 
	press and he wants to make a good impression:

	He thinks: "Who shall I get to give the opening speech?" He 
	looks across the room: "No, not Kalinev from the Nationalist 
	Party. He'll say that we should hang all the Westerners." He 
	looks to the other side: "Hm. I better not call on Korlenko 
	from the Slavic Union Party. He'll say that we should drown 
	all the Jews." He looks way in the back: "Ah. I'll call on 
	Orlovsky from the Green Party."

	Orlovsky gets to the front of the room:

	"Fellow countrymen and representatives of the Western press, 
	I'd like to talk to you today about the environmental crisis 
	that is upon us. The years of Soviet control have left us with 
	a devastated countryside. Our forests have been destroyed; our 
	rivers are polluted. This is catastrophe for our new nation, 
	for if our forests are destroyed, where shall we hang the
	Westerners? If our rivers are polluted, where shall we drown 
	the Jews?..."

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