Torah Troubles

	One Shabbos the Gabbai of the shul calls Greenberg up for 
	Haggba (lifting the Torah). Unfortunately, Greenberg is not 
	exactly strong.  As you can probably guess, he almost dropped 
	the Torah. He was so embarrassed, that he vowed never to let 
	that happen again. So right after Shabbos he joined a health 
	club. He started pumping iron, taking aerobics, ballet  etc. 
	Well sure enough after six months, the Gabbai calls him up 
	to the Torah.  Greenberg runs up, grabs the Torah, open it 
	seven columns throws it in the air does a double flip, and 
	catches it behind his back.  He turns to the Gabbai, "Nu, how 
	was that" The Gabbai responded," great, but you had maftir.

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