Presidential Honors

Jack Rabinowitz was the President of the Beth David Congregation for many
years.  As President of the shul, he received Shlishi every Shabbos.  After a
long term in office, the shul decided that it was time for fresh blood, and
installed a new President.  The new President, as was his right, would receive
Shlishi every Shabbos.

Rabinowitz was furious: "I won't give any more money to this shul," he said.
"Not one red cent." 

The shul Board was fit to be tied, for Rabinowitz was one of the shul's 
biggest contributors.  It was agreed that a delegation would be sent to 
speak with him.

"Look, Jack," urged Sam Cohen, "we can give you a different aliya every
Shabbos.  You can have Revii or even Shishi.  Just not Shlishi."  But
Rabinowitz wouldn't budge.  After several attempts to persuade him, Cohen
said, "Jack, tell us what's wrong."

Rabinowitz looked Cohen in the eye and said, "Sam, it took me years to learn
the brachos for Shlishi.  There's no way I'm going through that again for
Revii or Shishi!"

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