The "L" Word

by Rich Hall

	We let the word "love" seduce us.  We hear it so much in our lives, myth
	and music that its power far exceeds its potential.

	For most of us, hearing the word "love" is more important than what's
	behind it.  Sure, we want the "caring" and "feeling" stuff, but if it
	doesn't come wrapped in that shiny, satin gift wrap paper called "love"
	we won't accept it.

	You know what a mightier word than "love" would be?  "Loke," which is
	"love" and "like" combined.  But, if someone gazed into your eyes and
	said, "Baby, I loke you," you'd just walk away laughing like a hyena. 
	Tragically, you would have frittered away a gift greater than love
	itself.  God, are we spoiled.

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