Reasons to be a Chemist

	All the coffee and pocket protectors you could want!

	Clark Kent style safety glasses.

	Exposure to all kinds of toxic and cencerous substances.

	The "opportunity" to deal with irate clients asking "where are my

	Because it's pHun :)

	Access to 100% pure ethanol

	Knowing how to completely dissolve the bodies of your enemies

	You never have to worry about what you're doing on Friday night
		(You're working in the lab)

	Permanent goggle marks cheaper than a tattoo.

	You hope someday to be able to use the word "buckyballs" without bursting
		into a fit of laughter.

	You wish to be blamed for all faults in the environment.

	Ditto for cancer

	You are adept at poverty cooking

	You prefer to get your course credits the hard way

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