The Top Ten Traits of Pseudoscientists

	Society is developing a new breed of "intellect": the pseudoscientist.
	Too lazy to do real work to research a topic, the pseudoscientist is
	armed with a strong curiousity, an enlarged ego, and a dose of
	authoritian paranoia. Combined with his patchwork access to
	media-filtered science "facts" (if they can be called such after the
	media is done processing them) and his desire for profit, the
	pseudoscientist is likely to be tomorrow's new danger to the
	preservation of knowledge. 


	1) 	You believe your subscription to Analog provides the 
		necessary background to argue with PhD scientists. 

	2) 	You think "real" science is mostly developed in garages or 
		hobby rooms.

	3) 	You think scientists are inflexible to changing paradigms 
		(using one of pseudoscientists' favorite terms).  See 
		definition of "Science."

	4) 	You think the government, big business, or traditional 
		scientists are in a conspiracy to prevent the 
		pseudoscientists from showing the "truth" to the rest of 
		the world, motivated by such movies as "Chain Reaction." 

	5) 	You think science is purely to start a business and make 

	6) 	You think it's cool to announce impossible-sounding claims 
		to the media without a peer review process (see #4 above), 
		expository discussion, or other legitimizing process.  You 
		may believe the US Patent Office is a legitimizing process, 
		if they aren't in conspiracy with #4 above.

	7) 	You're aiming for the Einsteinian turn-science-upside-down
		revolution of thought and universal understanding, based on 
		your two years of high school physics and a copy of Omni 

	8) 	You think highly suspicious behavior is actually the way 
		people protect themselves from intellectual theft.

	9) 	Your ego is large enough to tell the world that its 
		understanding of the universe has always been wrong, and 
		your fantastic, undocumented, unverified, unrecorded, and 
		unreproducable experiment proves it.
	10) 	Your college degree (if you have one) and your 
		pseudoscientist interests have absolutely nothing in common. 
		For instance, you may be arguing about fusion with a PhD in 
		nuclear physics (and inflating your ego by doing so), while 
		you only have a degree in zoology.

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