President Gore Reminisces

	Washington, District of Columbia -- U.S. Vice-President Al Gore 
	revealed on Friday that for purely technical reasons he was 
	President of the United States last month, adding jocularly that 
	his brief term was marked by peace in the country and the world.
	At the swearing-in ceremony here for Transport Secretary Rodney 
	Slater, Gore explained that he took the oath of office on 
	January 20 at 11:59 a.m., one minute before his and President 
	Bill Clinton's mandates expired.

	Another five minutes passed before Clinton took his oath in the 
	ceremony on the steps of Congress.

	"Some of the lawyers did say that for five minutes I was president 
	of the United States of America," Gore said.

	"It was an important time for me, for my family and, if I may be 
	so bold, for America.

	"History will record that the Gore administration had the fewest 
	crimes committed of any administration in history, Republican or 
	Democratic," he said.

	"There was peace at home and abroad.  We had a low inflation, a 
	booming economy.  We created 3.1 jobs," he said.

	"You could hear patriotic hymns from the steps of the Capitol 
	through the whole administration," Gore concluded.

WhiteBoard News for Friday, February 21, 1997

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