PC Biology

	Your protein has NOT denaturated,
	        it is simply structurally ambivalent.

	Your DNA has NOT degraded,
	        it is entropically exhuberant.

	Your enzyme is NOT aggregated,
	        it is monomerically challenged.

	Your peptide has NPT precipitated on the column,
	        it is merely elution reticent.

	Your column resin is NOT compacting,
	        it is being spatially frugal.

	Your BamHI does NOT have star activity,
	        it is simply expressing its individuality.

	Your PCR products are NOT all mutant,
	        they are just indulging in unscheduled evolution.

	Your tissue culture is NOT contaminated,
	        it is simply sharing living quarters.

	Your computer has NPT crashed,
	        it is merely being introspective.

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