Other NY Senate Candidates

   For the international visitors, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton is considering 
   running for a vacant Senate seat in New York.  Most likely, she would be running 
   against NYC's current Mayor "Rudy" Giuliani.

   from TIME 3/8/99 -- page 18
   By Cultural Jet Lag			

   The publicity generated by the anticipatory matchup of Hillary Rodham Clinton and 
   Rudolph Giuliani in a race for US Senator from New York has prompted a few other 
   notables to sling their chapeaus into the ring ...

   (1) Dennis Rodman
	"If elected, I'll return Times Square to the days when 
	it was safe for people like me to walk down the street"

   (2) Garth Brooks
	"If this baseball thing doesn't work out, how hard is it 
	to be a Senator?"

   (3) Jerry Falwell
	"The antenna atop the Chrysler Building disturbs me ... 
	Something must be done!"
   (4) Martha Stewart
	"I regret that I have but one state to decorate!"

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