Orthodox in Catholic School

   The little Orthodox Jewish boy, David was having trouble at school, 
   in fact he was kicked out of the school. His parents not knowing 
   what to do asked a social worker. She said, "for the good of the 
   child he must go to a public school, you see he needs more freedom 
   to express himself!"  The parents are in shock, our boy in a 
   public school???!!

   In the end, they sent David to the school. The second day this 
   third grader was expelled. The parents returned to the social 
   worker asking what to do now. "You see," the social worker says, 
   "David really needs more structure, and it was my mistake. You 
   must send him to a military academy." "What our son in the army..."

   They send him to the academy and after 2 days he's courtmartiled 
   and expelled. Not knowing what to do they go back to the social 
   worker.  She says, "There is only one alternative, that's a 
   Catholic school."

   The parents are in shock, "our child David, going to them!!" But 
   in the end they send him. David becomes the perfect student. At 
   the end of the year the seniors ask him to speak to the graduating 

   First, the parents ask him, "nu, David, first our school, then the 
   public school, then the military school, nothing worked. Why all 
   of a sudden, with the Catholics you become the model student??

   David looks at his father and says "Dad, the first day the Mother 
   Superior sat me down in the chair and pointed above the chalkboard 
   and said, 'see that, that's the last Jewish boy that misbehaved 

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