New York Cabbies Stage a (Bleeping) Boycott

	New York cabbies staged a boycott in protest to new rules from Mayor
	Rudolph Giuliani that require them to speak English, know city locations
	and refrain from being rude and abusive toward passengers.  "Who the
	(bleep) does the (bleeping) mayor think he is.  This is (bleeping) New
	York.  People here ought to be thankful they even get a cab without
	requiring all this bull (bleep).  The mayor can take his (bleeping)
	rules and (bleep) my (bleep) until (bleep) (bleep) (bleep)," said a
	driver who was protesting by standing on the roof of his cab parked in
	front of city hall giving the finger.  Mayor Giuliani said he will not
	be deterred from trying to achieve some civility from cab drivers.  "If
	they don't like it, they can kiss my ass and try getting fares in New
	Jersey," he said.

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