Shopping Compatibility Quiz

 One sure way to test a relationship is to shop with your mate. Not
 only is joint shopping stressful, but it amplifies differences in
 temperament and taste. It can even lead to bickering, brawls, and
 mayhem. So take this compatibility quiz now. Or risk being thrown out
 of your favorite boutique.
   1. When you arrive at the mall he:
        1. Says "Let's shop together. It'll be fun !"
        2. Says "Meet me in hardware"
        3. Vanishes
   2. In men's clothing he:
        1. Asks your opinion and compliments your taste
        2. Buys a tie he already owns
        3. Bemoans the demise of the leisure suit
   3. In lingerie he:
        1. Says you look sexy in an oversized robe
        2. Asks you to model see-through garments too small to identify
        3. Hands you a Wonderbra
   4. While checking out men's underwear he:
        1. Agrees to try argyle socks
        2. Balks at replacing torn shirts because "They're broken in
           just right"
        3. Doesn't know his size. ("Mommy always buys my shorts")
   5. When you try on a dress he:
        1. Tells you everything looks great
        2. Checks the price before giving an opinion
        3. Snores
   6. At the jewelry counter he:
        1. Admires a pair of his-and-her gold rings
        2. Claims to prefer flashy trinkets
        3. Promises to buy you something nicer "Off the truck"
   7. In electronics he:
        1. Helps you choose a home computer
        2. Asks for easy-to-use software for the "little lady"
        3. Watches the game
   8. At the video store he:
        1. Finds a classic film you'll both enjoy
        2. Hides out in the "adults only" department
        3. Suggests you buy a work-out tape
   9. In the book shop he:
        1. Walks you to fiction where you discuss favorite authors
        2. Becomes transfixed by the latest "Magic Eye"
        3. Sprints to the swimsuit calendars
  10. In the record store he:
        1. Finds you a long-sought cd on the discount rack
        2. Heads for hard rock or rap
        3. Asks for the 45's
  11. At the toy mart he:
        1. Helps select a game for your nephew
        2. Plays "People" non-stop on the electric piano
        3. Elbows children aside to play video games
  12. At "Pets R Us" he:
        1. Oohs and aahs at kittens and pups
        2. Sneezes violently
        3. Mentions a childhood mishap that involved parakeets and
  13. At the supermarket he:
        1. Says "You do aisles 1 to 8 and I'll handle 9 to 16"
        2. Spends hours selecting beer and chips
        3. Appears stunned by the invention of scanners
  14. If the supermarket line is long he:
        1. Offers to save your place while you look around
        2. Pressures you to leave
        3. Wanders off to munch on "free samples"
  15. If something you bought is defective he:
        1. Offers to return it
        2. Tries to convince you it "Isn't all that bad"
        3. Hides to avoid "a scene."
 When you're finished this quiz, total your a's, b's, and c's.
    * If you have ten or more a's, you two may safely attempt a trip to
      the mall.
    * Fewer than ten a's ??? Seriously consider leaving him home.
    * And if you have more than ten c's, check his parents' refund
      Perhaps his folks will take him back.

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