A Mother's Prayer

	I Thank thee, Lord in Heaven above 
	For giving me a baby's love.
	Those precious arms that hold me tight,
	Those soft warm lips that kiss good night,
	That baby chatter, soft and sweet,
	The patter of those tiny feet.

	I thank you for that love so true
	Those sparkling eyes like shining dew, 
	that silken hair, that tiny nose,
	Those cheeks like petals on a rose
	That takes my breath away
	And makes me love him more each day.

	I thank you for that precious smile,
	That seems contagious afterwhile,
	And when I tuck him in his bed,
	And gently kiss his curly head,
	Only a mother's heart can know,
	What makes me love my baby so.
	I thank you for his loving ways,
	His baby laughter through the days,
	Those teeth of pearl, that heart of gold,
	Please guide his steps as he grows old,
	And help me, Lord, to worthy be
	Of such responsibility.  

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