Mommy Brain

 If you've left the crayons to melt in the car,
 And forgotten just where the car keys are,
 There's a perfectly good way to explain:
 You see, you've come down with "Mommy Brain."
 When you're not sure where the past 8 hours went,
 Or whether the phone bill check's been sent,
 If you've left the laundry drying in the rain,
 It's just---you guessed it---Mommy Brain.
 If you find yourself chatting for hours on end
 About diaper prices with your cyberfriends,
 You've just caught a particularly virulent strain
 Of that affliction known as Mommy Brain.
 If you left your bags at the grocery store
 Or completely forgot what you went there for,
 If you called the cat by your baby's name,
 You can bet that Mommy Brain's to blame.
 And if you know the words to "Goodnight Moon" by heart,
 Or you study your sleeping babe like a work of art,
 If you're always surprised by how time is flying,
 And the thought of that first birthday starts you crying.....
 It's unavoidable girls, and I feel your pain,
 For I, too, suffer from Mommy Brain.
 But I'll admit one thing---of this I'm sure:
 I hope they never find a cure.

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