Marrying into a Jewish Family

Disadvantage - Your Christmas tree decorations will gather dust in their
Advantage - You won't have to vacuum up dry pine needles and clog the 
	vacuum cleaner.

Disadvantage - You'll need to keep a straight face when someone orders a
	Virgin Margarita.
Advantage - Your spouse won't die of cirrhosis.

Disadvantage - You'll have to sell your archery set.
Advantage - You won't shoot an arrow into your neighbor's cat (or is 
	that a disadvantage?).

Disadvantage - You'll never have a family member who can fix your car.
Advantage - You won't have to look at tatoos.

Disadvantage - No one in the family will have 5 beers with you when the
	Yankees win the pennant.
Advantage - There will always be plenty of sweaters in the house.

Disadvantage - Used clothing stores will not be the first choice when
seeking birthday presents for your nephews or nieces.
Advantage - No one will give your son or daughter an ant farm.

Disadvantage - Heavy cream will be a thing of the past.
Advantage - You won't have to specify "diet"  when you ask for a soda 
	in a family member's house.

Disadvantage - You won't have to color Easter eggs.
Advantage - After awhile, you will learn how to pronounce "Challah" 
	without anyone laughing at you.

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