Magical Weight Loss

by Mitch Lemus


	                  	"They say there's no magic way to lose weight
	                  	 and get in shape.  I'm here to prove them wrong."
	-------------     	 -- David Copperfield, world famous magician and
	Includes          	 AbracadAB Roller inventor.
	15 minute
	bonus video,      	 Why struggle and strain with conventional ab machines?
	"How to           	 With the AbracadAB Roller Plus, you just lay back, say
	Seduce Super-     	 "abracadabra," and presto!  Fat and inches magically
	models Using      	 disappear!
	-------------     	 Harnessing the same magical powers used to make the	
	Featuring Claudia 	 Statue of Liberty vanish, Copperfield now uses his
	Schiffer,         	 wizardry to make inches vanish from your waist!
	wife of
	inventor,         	 All it takes is 20 seconds, three times a week, without
	and an            	 ever breaking a sweat.  In fact, you can even enjoy a
	AbracadAB         	 smoke or your favorite cocktail while in the machine.
	user.             	 And when you're done, just say "abracadab-away," then
	-------------     	 watch in amazement, as the E-Z Fold-A-Way. feature
	A $19.95 value -- 	 automatically stores the machine under your bed.
	yours FREE with
	order!            	 Don't be fooled by conventional ab exercisers that make               you do the work.  Say goodbye to painful situps and
	                  	 boring crunches forever, with the one-and-only
			  	 AbracadAB Roller Plus!

                   What Our Customers Are Saying:
                   "The best thing since the Psychic Friends Network."
                   -- Laverne Mowatt, Omaha, Nebraska

                   "After a 20 minute nap lying inside the AbracadAB
                   Roller, I feel totally re-energized." -- Cecil Bodine,
                   Tupolo, Mississippi

                   "If you believe it works, it works!" -- Thelma Tucker,
                   Lubbock, Texas
                                 ORDER NOW!
       Just 3 easy installments of $29.95 plus $7.95 hocus-pocus tax.
  No money-back guarantee necessary.  Allow 6 - 8 lightyears for delivery.
                  (Like you have something better to do?)

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