Absolutely Vital Things to Know About Taking a Bath

		When you leave a bath to run by itself, the plug jumps just as 
		you leave the bathroom and you return to an empty bath just as 
		the hot water runs out.

		Spiders can run round the bath faster than you can. 

		If you run a bath too hot you don't realize this until you sit 
		in the other end and burn your rear end. 

		It is physically impossible to turn a tap on or off with your 

		When you lie back in the bath, your right foot slips forward 
		until it is positioned exactly beneath the dripping tap. 

		The odd flannel you are using to wash yourself is not a flannel 
		at all; it is a sock which has fallen from above. 

		The dirt you wash off yourself gathers on the surface of the water 
		and then re-attaches itself to you as you rise to leave. 

		Lost soap is ALWAYS behind you.

		When you get out of the bath, the first bit you dry is the one 
		bit you just realized you forgot to wash. 

		However hard you dry yourself, you are still wet when you put 
		your clothes on.    

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