New Store a Veritable Fantasyland

	Just in time for Purim and Passover, Disney plans to open a 
	store in the Monsey area, which will cater to the needs of 
	the burgeoning Jewish population.  Among the useful items for 
	purchase will be:

	* Talis in Wonderland (folds fast if you're late)
	* Tinkerbell Tefillin (clap if you believe in Hashem!)
	* Minnie Kippah (also available in mini-Minnie sizes)
	* Little Mermaid Mezuzah (plays "Kiss the Girl")
	* Sleeping Beauty Sheytl (blonde only)
	* Tigger Tichel (orange with black stripes)
	* Peter Pans (milchig and fleishig cookware)
	* Bambi Blech (will not burn venison)
	* Robin Hood Pushka (takes from the rich gives to the poor)  
		(formerly known as "101 Donations")
	* Aladdin Kiddush Cup (drink up and you'll be flying)
	* Pete's Dragon Havdalah Candle (his mouth blows fire!)
	* Pinocchio Yahrtzeit Candle (his nose grows shorter)
	* Mary Poppins Spice Box (holds a spoonful of sugar)
	* Hunchback of Notre Dame Shofar (curved like a real Hunchback)
	* Old Yeller lulav and etrog set (lulav old, etrog yeller)
	* Seven Dwarfs Menorah (eighth night not included)
	* Dumbo Dreidels (they fly!)
	* Beauty and the Beast Megillah (comes with Goofy gragger)
	* Cinderella Seder Plate (must be used by midnight)
	* Jewish Geography Game: "It's a Small World"
	* Jiminy Cricket's Book of Halacha: "Always Let Your Conscience 
		Be Your Guide"
	* Wedding Prints Developed ("Some day my prints will come")

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