A Priest and a Rabbi, who have been the best of friends for years, 
	were always arguing the finer points of thier respective 
	theologies, trying to prove the other one was wrong.

	One day they were riding in a car, they got cut off by a drunk 

	The car flew off the road, rolled five times end-over-end, and 
	came to rest on it's roof.  The Priest and Rabbi crawled from the 
	wreckage and were amazed they were alive.

	As the Priest crossed himself, he noticed the Rabbi doing the 

	The Priest shouts "Praise Be!  You've seen the Light!"

	"What?" said the Rabbi.

	"You-you've crossed yourself.  You have seen the True Way! 
 	This is wonderful."

	"Cross myself?!?  No no no.  I was just checking everything 
	was OK.  'Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet and Watch.'"

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