An old man was digging in his garden when he saw a 
	strange-looking creature in the dirt.  He picked it up on his 
	shovel so he could see it more clearly.  It was a tiny little 
 	Astonished, the old man blurts out, "Who the hell are you?"
 	"I'm a Martian," said the little guy.
 	"Oh."  The old man thought that over and then he said, "Are 
	all Martians as small as you."
 	"Sure," said the Martian, "actually, I'm considered rather 
 	Then the old man asked, "What's that on your head?"
 	"Those are my antennae."
 	"Do all Martians have antennae?"
 	"Oh, yes," said the Martian, "we all have antennae."
 	"But what's that on your antennae?"
 	"That," said the Martian proudly, "is my hat."
 	Well, that's different.  "Do all Martians wear hats?" asked 
	the old man.
 	"Oh, no," said the Martian, "only the Orthodox."

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