An Israeli X-mas

'Twas the night before X-mas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a louse
The anti-Bibi posters hung outside on the wall
With the hope that the next day his government would fall

At the base of our chimney we watched with a frown
All night did we wonder - would someone come down?
No, it wasn't Kris Kringle we expected to see
Just a government agent to seize our TV

All the banks had closed early, for many too soon
Not due to X-mas - just a normal afternoon
And down in the street not a carol was heard
Just a kid blasting rap songs, with four-letter words

The Knesset was empty - no debating today
'Cause none of the members of Meretz could stay
They all had to attend an event that was big
Their X-mas day feast, where they dine on roast pig

Santa didn't fly in, as he'd done through the ages
The airport was stiking, to protest their low wages
Which was better than last year, when he came to stuff socks
And got lost in Geulah, where he got pelted with rocks

In the square of old Bethlehem, the crowd stood and cheerd
At the site of a visitor - a man with a beard
But the cheers turned to anger, when they realized this man
Was only Rabbi Levenger there to take back their land

While in faraway places, people skate on the ice
Wish each other good tidings and generally act nice
Here there's no X-mas spirit, nor holiday cheer
You get to be rude 365 days a year

There are those who are happy not to have to see
A house full of X-mas lights or a decorated tree
For them it's a reason to live in a Jewish nation
But not me - all I know is I lost a day's vacation!

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