Hebrew School Musical Celebration

	The local Hebrew School decided to observe Israel's 50th anniversary with
	a special ecumenical celebration, and invited everyone in the
	neighborhood, of whatever background, to participate in any way they
	thought appropriate, or to just come and observe, and have some
	home-baked cookies washed down with grape juice or heavy super-sweet

	There were speeches, dramatizations, and miscellaneous musical
	performances.  At one point Mrs. Goldberg, in the third row, wiped away a
	tear as her little Miriam scratched out a hesitant rendition of
	"Hatikvah" on a shiny new violin.  Mrs. Goldberg noticed that a man
	seated next to her also had tears running down his face.  "Isn't it
	wonderful", she said to him, "to know that our heritage will be carried
	on by the next generation!" 
	"I suppose so," he said, "but I'm not Jewish."
	"So why the tears?"
	"I'm a musician."

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