Fireworks Song

To the Tune of "Proud to be an American"
Lyrics written by Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio

	There's a holiday that celebrates the American way of life.
	Gonna have a barbecue with all my children and my wife.
	Picked up some cherry bombs at a roadside stand today.
	Gonna blow stuff up for freedom; and they can't take that away.
	If you're proud to be an American
	Set your fireworks off with me
	And be careful or you'll lose an eye
	So hide behind that tree, everybody
	STAND BACK fifty feet and enjoy this big display
	'Cause this stuff is pow'rful contraband.
	God bless the USA.
	[Fireworks sounds]
	Got a dozen Roman candles, quarter-sticks of TNT
	A box of bottle rockets -- I bought 'em legally.
	From Detroit down to Houston, and New York to L.A.
	There's a fire in every American yard every Independence Day.
	And I'm loud, I'm free, I'm American
	And as proud as I can be
	And I'd like to thank the Chinese guy
	Who made this stuff for me. Everybody
	STAND BACK fifty feet just in case it heads your way
	'Cause I'd hate to see you lose a hand
	[Choral backup] Lose my hand
	On Independence Day.
	[Fireworks sounds]

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