When Does Yom Kippur End?

From the "Metropolitan Diary" in the NY Times, Oct 22 1997

	The season of the Jewish holidays reminded Loise Young of a visit to
	Zabar's on Yom Kippur several years ago.  At 2 PM, the place was, she 
	said, "a madhouse" of carts and baskets filled to overflowing with 
	special holiday treats.  As she approached the cashier, she spoke to 
	the woman in line in front of her.

	Ms. Young: "Gosh, I thought Zabar's wouldn't be so crowded at this 
		time because of the Jewish holiday"

	Woman: "Me too, I thought Jewish people were supposed to be praying 
		in temple until sundown."

	Nearby third woman pushing heavily laden cart: "It's sundown in 
		Jerusalem already."

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