The Day Before X-Mas

	Twas the day before X-Mas
	and all the stores were quite hoppin'
	They waited until the last minute
	to finish their gift shoppin'

	There was pushing and shoving
	and grabbing for things
	From sweaters and dishes
	to big diamond rings

	The crowds were just buying
	all the stuff at the mall
	They just had to buy presents
	they had to have them all

	I kept walking and looking
	at the stuff on display
	I couldn't wait any longer
	for today was the last day

	As I went by the window
	a gift caught my eye
	I knew exactly what to get
	and it was time for me to buy
	As I went for the present
	a lady did speak
	"I saw it first.
	I saw it last week!"
	I was angry and upset
	as I began to glare
	At this mean old lady
	with silver white hair

	I shouted and yelled
	and called her some names:
	"You bastard, you whore, you mean little bitch"
	"Your ugly and nasty, you old little witch"
	She ran to the counter
	and complained quite a bit
	"He's crazy, he's mad
	and he just threw a fit"

	Mall security came running
	as I stood there and thought
	Look at all these gift
	I could have just bought
	I was led out the store
	and not a person did stop
	They kept looking for presents
	and continued to shop

	I wasn't allowed back
	or even peek through the glass
	I hate X-mas shopping
	its a pain in the ass

	I knew this would happen
	I knew it would suck
	As I walked out the door
	and went back to my truck
	So this I will tell you
	and listen quite well
	Waiting until the last minute
	will put you through Hell
	Do your shopping early
	start sometime in September
	And this short little story
	you should surely remember
	Do something different
	next year around fall
	Don't wait until the last minute
	to buy your gifts at the mall

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