Father's Day Quotes

Last year on Father's Day, my son gave me something I've always wanted:
the keys to my car!!!

Father's Day is a holiday on which the family takes time out to remember
the forgotten man!  --Milton Berle

Fatherhood is pretending the present you love the most is
soap-on-a-rope.  --Bill Cosby

Father's Day is a holiday when your son lets you wear your new necktie

Father's Day always worries me.  I'm afraid I'll get something I can't

Do you know what I got for Father's Day?  The bills for Mother's Day!!!

I'm getting my father something he never had before -- a Job!!!

Father's Day is the day when father goes broke giving his family money
so they can surprise him with gifts he doesn't need.

My dad used to play games with me.  He used to throw me in the air --
and walk away.

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