The Rules of Conservative Correctness

by Dan Baldwin

	* If anyone disagrees with you, they are a "Democrat"

	* If anyone argues with you, they are a "Liberal"

	* If they argue with you and actually present data (formerly known as "debating"), 
		shrug it off as "propaganda from the Liberal Media"

	* If you cannot rebut the argument pick on details such as misspellings, improper 
		punctuation or taglines

	* If your opponent has an unrefutable argument, change the subject

	* If your opponent consistently overturns your "correct" stories (anything told 
		by Rush Limbaugh), use ad hominem attacks.

	* Anyone who puts life over profits is a "tree hugger"

	* Anyone who refutes or debates "correct" science (Creationism, Ecological 
		Stability) is a "sky-is-falling" reactionary

	* Anyone who opposes the melding of religion and government is one of the 
		"liberals" who helped create the rampant immorality today

	* Any federal program created by a Democrat, or that "looks" Democratic is 

	* Dismantling programs and restrictions on spending then sending the money to 
		states as a "block grant" is better than having a standardized Federal 
		program with rules

	* Giving tax money to People is "enslaving them", giving tax money to Corporations 
		is "making jobs"

	* Anything that does not turn a profit for private corporations is "an elitist" 

	* Always take everything personally

	* Whatever your weakness is, blame it on your opponent

	* The more narrow and prejudiced your sources, the more you project that onto 
		your opponent

	* When your opponent attacks a Republican/conservative President's policies, 
		blame them on a Democratic Congress (or vice versa)

	* When quoting your opponent, edit his words to conform to "correctness"

	* Anyone who reads anything beyond "the Limbaugh Letter" is an "ivory tower 

	* When all else fails, lie

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