The Chumra of the Week Club

	Mehadrin Min Hamehadrin Min Hamehadrin is pleased to present:
			The Chumra of the Week Club.

	Are you jealous of Yankel's Chumras? Do you want to go one (or more!)
	better than Shmerl? Have you ever been tongue-tied when asked: "Maybe 
	you have a new little Chumraleh for me?" If you have been faced by 
	any of these dreadful scenarios, join up now! 

	Chumrah of the Week Club is a new concept in real, authentic 
	Yiddishkeit.  Upon joining, we will immediately send you - as your 
	introductory selection - the choice of three Chumras in any of our 
	present-day Chumra fields (more to be added later).

	Choose from Chumras in:
	Tefillin and Tzitzit 
	and many more.
	(Sorry, due to market economics, we must limit ourselves to Bain adam 

	After receiving your three introductory Chumras, you will receive, each 
	week by mail, a new, exciting additional Chumra which you can 
	immediately put into use. Within a short time you will have amassed a 
	Chumra list that will amaze your friends and make you the envy of your 
	Kollel or Shul. Our guarantee: if the Chumra we send you is 
	inappropriate for any reason, you are entitled to exchange it within 
	7 days of receipt for a new Chumrah of your choice.
	Reasons for exchange include:
	*  You are already observing a Chumra of equal or greater stringency -
		unlikely - our Chumras are pre-selected for their uniqueness 
		and stringency).
	*  Your neighbor is already observing a similar Chumrah, heaven forbid.
		You want to be the first one in your community with this 

	We can assure you that all our Chumras are of the highest quality. We 
	have a full-time staff busy combing the Bar Ilan CD ROM for the most 
	obscure Chumros. (For an added fee, we can guarantee a personal Chumra 
	taken from a source other than the CD ROM - guaranteed to be unique 
	and to amaze all your friends.)

	To apply for Chumra of the Month Club, please fill out the following
	form scrupulously:

	Name________ ben ______ ben ______ ben _____ (Sorry, anyone unable to   
	supply genealogical data for the past four generations is not eligible).
	Address: _______
	To custom-tailor your Chumra selection, please fill in the following:
	Litvak? ____ Chassid? _____ FBB? (Frum Before Birth?)____
	Nusach: Ashkenaz ____ Sefarad ____

	Check the type of Chumras you wish to receive:
	a) Regular ____
	b) Super-frum ____ (add 50%)
	Even greater uniqueness available - check with us for full details.
	All correspondence in this regard will be kept in the strictest 
	Among the obscure Chumras we have found for our many overjoyed customers, 
	we have used the following literary sources: the "Pi Ha'ason," the 
	"Al Tagidu Be'gas," and the "Shtus Vehevel."

	Don't Wait Another Minute: Join the Chumra of the Week Club now, and 
	change your entire life style, while serving as a source of heavenly
	envy for all your friends.

	Remember our motto: "'Yiras Shamoyaim' means fear of what the other
	guy  will say."

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