Biochemist's Songbook

	*** Protein Synthesis *** (tune: My Bonnie Is Over The Ocean )

	The primary sequence of proteins
	Is coded within DNA
	On the sense strand of the double helix
	coiled antiparallel way

	Intron and exons
	changes are posttranscriptional, and all
	Don't alter such basics at all

	(... and so on for about 15 stanzas. The synthesis of proteins from DNA is a
	complex pathway....)

	*** The Michaelis Anthem *** (tune: The Red Flag)

	The substrate changed by an enzyme
	Initially, in unit time
	Varies, if not in excess
	With substrate concentration, [S]
	If enzyme concentration's low
	And reaction back from product's slow
	Then if we choose a steady state
	Velocity and [S] relate.

	This relationship can be derived
	As Briggs and Haldane first contrived:
	The unbound enzyme, [E], we guess
	Is [E0]	 (total), less [ES]
	k1[S][E] gives [ES] formation
	and k2[ES], dissociation
	And [ES] gives the product, P,
	At a rate that's [ES] times k3

	When [ES] is at the steady state
	These terms are all seen to relate
	([E0] less [ES]) times k1[S]
	Equals (k2 + k3) times [ES]
	Now the maximum velocity
	is k3[E0], (or big V)
	These terms can be manipulated
	If one more definition's stated

	Define as Km (just for fun)
	(k2 + k3) on k1
	And note that v (velocity)
	Is always [ES] times k3
	Then rearranging these equations
	We get the final rate equation
	V times [S] on Km + [S]
	is v (initial) - more or less

	*** The Respiratory Chain *** (tune: Battle Hymn of The Republic)

	My eyes have seen the glory of respiratory chain
	In every mitochondrium intrinsic to membranes
	Functionally organised in complex sub-domaines
	Where electron flow along

	Glory, glory respiration
	Glory, glory respiration
	Glory, glory respiration
	Where electrons flow along

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