Anti-Valentine Poem

	I really hate Valentine's,
	it really gets my goat.

	it's cuddly, squishy, mushy
	it grabs you by the throat.

	everyone wants someone who
	wants someone else again,

	but I sit on the sidelines
	here with my poison pen.

	Seeing with a jaundiced eye
	the idle dreams of youth;

	action of evolution
	codified; that's the truth.

	You wouldn't want to be me;
	I'm in a stinking mood.

	This bloody browser's text box
	glows pink. I'm off my food.

	It's just one more reminder
	of what troubles me so:

	the reason that 'plug and play'
	reminders have to go.

	The problem with Valentine's
	is it's alright for some,

	but when they get down to it,
	the dumb beget the dumb.

	The future's not bright so much
	as lonely and boring,

	for when you're a genius
	there's no chance of scoring.

	Now I end this doggerel
	by wishing you the best;

	just keep your lousy verses
	to yourself; give me rest.

	The sentiment is alright
	but your grammar just blows,

	_That's_ with _verses_ doesn't go;
	the structure never flows.

	Perhaps I'm not quite finished.
	There's still some more to say.

	I'm going to get this out
	though it takes all day.

	I've been an actor, singer,
	and lover in my time,

	but sonneteer is too low
	to stoop, would be a crime.

	Instead this verse strives higher
	and aims towards the skies.

	its goal is far more noble
	than respite for my flies.

	for lastly I'll be helpful
	and if you use a Mac

	get Valentine colour schemes
	for Kaleidoscope at:


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