The American Consensus

From the NY TIMES MAGAZINE 11/1/98

We, the relatively unbothered and well off, hold these truths to be
self-evident:  That Big Government, Big Deficits and Big Tobacco are bad,
but that big bathrooms and 4-by-4's are not;  that American overseas
involvement should be restricted to trade agreements, mutual funds, and
the visiting of certain beachfront resorts;  that markets can take care of
themselves as long as they take care of us;  that an individual's sex life
is nobody's business, though highly entertaining;  and that the only
rights that really matter are those which indulge the Self

And a catch phrase in the article:
The consensus reprsents an embrase of a kind of one-way libertarianism:
the average citizen has no obligation to the country, but the government
has a very serious obligation to that citizen.

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