Death Star Day Care

After months of speculation, it was confirmed yesterday that the Death Star, the 
Empire's vaunted, planet-destroying space station, has added a new, state-of-the-art 
day care center to its already vast array of capabilities. The massive four-room day 
care center, which, according to Grand Moff Tarkin, will "provide a safe and fun 
learning environment for tots between the ages of one and four," has already begun 
spring enrollment and is expected to be fully operational by June 1. 

"Nothing can stop the Sunshine Death Star Play and Learning Center," the Imperial 
Emperor said via holograph. "With its four classrooms, outdoor playground and 
experienced staff of licensed day care professionals, no other facility can match its 
awesome instructive power." 

Though still several weeks away from full strength, the Sunshine Death Star Center is 
already up and running. Among the most popular activities there are finger-painting, 
story time and Duck Duck Goose, which the Emperor often helps lead. 

"Feel your hatred flow through you," he told 3-year-old Jenny Bates, as she 
energetically chased fellow toddler and "goose" Michael Phillips around the outside 
of the circle. "Give in to your hatred!" 

Disaster was narrowly averted last Friday, when the center took a field trip to the 
nearby planet Bespin. At the end of the day, minutes into the shuttle ride back to 
the Death Star, adult chaperone Darth Vader locked eyes with 4-year-old Matthew 
Schumpert. "Wait," said Vader, probing deep into the child's mind. "There is another 

Vader sensed the presence of Katie Schumpert, Matthew's sister, who was still back at 
the Bespin gift shop purchasing souvenirs. He ordered the shuttle to turn around and 
averted an embarrassing situation for the new day care facility. 

Vader later added: "Join me, parents looking for a safe, dependable child care 
alternative, and together we will rule the galaxy." 

In addition to enjoying many fun games and learning activities, children at the 
Sunshine Death Star Day Care Center have already gotten to witness the destruction of 
several planets out the center's giant bay window. 

Last Friday, in the middle of a coloring activity, the planet Alderan was blown up, 
delighting 23 of the 24 children who witnessed the devastating power of the battle 
station. The sole exception was Libby Phelps, 3, whose family was vacationing in 
Alderan at the time of its destruction. She was frightened by the loud explosion and 
began to cry upon realizing that her mother, father and younger sister were now dead. 
The emperor's elite squadron of imperial guards leapt to action, removing the girl 
from the room and giving her some ice cream treats to calm her. 

According to Death Star officials, the idea for the center sprang up after a number 
of parents complained about the lack of quality, affordable child care options on the 
Death Star. 

"As a stormtrooper and father of three, I'm very excited about the new day care 
center," Death Star citizen Ralph Sedgwick said. "It's a safe, nurturing environment, 
one in which my child will learn." 

Added Gail Lindon: "For years I took my daughter to work because I couldn't afford a 
nanny. Do you have any idea how hard it is to operate a tractor beam with a 
two-year-old pulling at your leg?" 

As excited as most are about the new day care center, a few extremists have expressed 
concern about its proximity to the Death Star's reactor core. 

"There is an opening in the Death Star's main shaft that leads to the core," parent 
and dissenting voice Annette Voss said. "If a small rebel ship were to somehow break 
through the deflector shield and enter the shaft, it's possible it could hit the 
reactor core with a single, well-placed proton torpedo shot and destroy the entire 
space station." 

Experts, however, scoff at Voss's theory, dismissing such a shot as "a million to 

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