Dog Horoscopes

The Dog Astrologer, Beauregard J. Beauceron


The Aquarius Dog is friendly and loyal.  Aquarius dogs are most likely
to hang with you in the den while you watch TV, or lay under the hammock
while you enjoy a warm summer day.  Aquarius dogs can also be
independent and inventive, looking for new and different ways to
retrieve that ball under the couch, for example.  The Aquarius dog is a
true pal in every sense, unless his owner forgets mealtime.


The Pisces Dog is a kind and loving dog.  They have a giving nature, and
are very caring dogs.  They make great rescue dogs, and they love riding
up on the seat of a fire engine.  Because of their selfless nature they
are easygoing around the house, never upset to make any changes to
please his owner.  They are easy to train and love to go for long
walks.  Especially if those walks lead to a park.


The Aries Dog is adventurous and energetic, always exploring new areas.
Aries dogs love to go for walks and their pioneering nature leads them
in new directions.  Their confidence and impulsiveness sometimes gets
them into precarious situations, whether it be following a squirrel into
bramble or into a pond after a stick.  But the Aries dog will always
firmly and boldly assert himself and dive headlong into another
escapade, especially if it's with that little mutt from across town that
always seems to find the good sticks.


The Taurus Dog is loving and cuddly.  Taurus dogs are patient and
reliable, always putting up with their owner's foibles and habits.  They
love to lay in front of a fire or curled on a blanket.  The Taurus dog
relishes time with his owner and is a little jealous of others who
interrupt that special time.  Taurus dogs are quiet and peaceful and are
most comfortable when all is well and secure in their world, especially
if there's a bone nearby.


The Gemini Dog is a lively dog that gets along anywhere and in any
situation.  Gemini dogs love to communicate with their owners excited to
share a recent discovery or observation.  No matter how old they are,
Gemini dogs are always youthful and exuberant.  Inquisitive and
sometimes a little devilish, the Taurus dog is versatile and adaptive
and absolutely loves double fire hydrants.


The Cancer Dog is protective and caring.  Woe be to the burglar that
chooses the home of a Cancer dog.  Cancer dogs are emotional and
intuitive; they know what's on their owner's mind even before the
owner.  Cancer dogs are also sensitive and tender.  They're also the
most sympathetic of all dogs, intuitively feeling what their owners
feel.  Unfortunately, the same is not true for the mailperson.


The Leo Dog is powerful and faithful.  They are enthusiastic and full of
energy.  Leo dogs head pell mell into every activity, from running to
fetching.  They even sleep with gusto and elan.  Leo dogs are convinced
they are the masters of all they survey and while they are generous and
warm-hearted, they are the boss.  Above all, Leo dogs are faithful and
loyal to their owners, except where cats might be involved.


The Virgo Dog is modest and a little shy.  While the Virgo dog knows
he's handsome and attractive, he's reluctant to prance about showing
off.  The Virgo dog is also reliable and diligent.  Given a task, the
Virgo dog carries it out fully and faithfully, but turns bashful in the
face of lavish praise.  Virgo dogs are happy lying in the sun watching
their families happy around them.  Of course, the Virgo dog overcomes
his natural shyness the minute there's a mention of dog treats.


The Libra Dog is easygoing and sociable.  Libra dogs are relaxed and at
home at both extravagant soirées and small intimate gatherings.  They
are happy moving among guests at the largest parties or curled up by the
coffee table at high tea.  The important thing for Libra dogs is to be
out and about, among people, other dogs, anyplace social.  Libra dogs
are laid back and happy.  Not much excites them, except that little
French poodle on the next block.


The Scorpio Dog is determined and focused.  Scorpio dogs will always
accomplish whatever it is they set their minds to.  They are also
passionate and forceful dogs, relishing every activity, even as they
exhaust themselves having fun at it.  Scorpio dogs can be intense; they
have been known to stare at a rabbit in the yard for hours at a time,
while trapped inside, never moving from their window perch.  Except, of
course when the dinner bell rings.


The Sagittarius Dog is carefree and freedom-loving.  Sagittarius dogs
love wide open spaces and the ability to explore them.  They are happy
and good-humored dogs who love to romp and play with their owners.
Sagittarius dogs are open and honest, never hiding how they feel, which
is usually happy and jovial.  Sagittarius dogs are happiest when they
are in an open field with an owner to throw a ball.


The Capricorn Dog is patient and careful.  Capricorn dogs seem to know
that good things come to dogs that wait.  That may explain why they sit
so quietly by their owners in the kitchen.  The Capricorn dog is
meticulous and particular.  He sleeps in a certain place, likes certain
toys and patrols the yard in a certain way.  The Capricorn dog is also
very disciplined, except when it comes to enjoying liver snacks.

Note:  The horoscopes contained herein are intended to be read for fun
and entertainment only.  They are not based in fact or on any scientific
theory, evidence, or study.

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