Top 10 Jewish Songs
(but for you, we'll make it 37!)

	37] Lucy on El Al with Abe Diamond
	36] Happiness Is a Warm Bagel
	35] Rocky Racoon's Bris
	34] Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Oy Vey Band
	33] With a Little Help from My Cantor
	32] Ask Me Why [This Night Is Different from Other Nights]
	31] Magical Minyan Tour
	30] Can't Buy Me Love [Wholesale]
	29] Helter Skelter, Shmelter Felter
	28] I'll Follow the Sun to Get Your Pledge
	27] I Want to Hold Your Brisket
	26] The Long and Winding Services
	25] I'm a Loser at Mah-jong
	24] Run for Your Life Already
	23] She's Leaving Home Sholom
	22] Lady the Yenta
	21] Luzzamoff {Let it Be}
	20] Baby You're a Rich Man [Come and Meet My Daughter]
	19] Maybe I'm Aggravated
	18] Short Fat Solly
	17] When I'm Four Times Chai
	16] You Never Give Me Your Discounts
	15] Jealous Goy
	14] Instant Torah
	13] Back in the Shtetl
	12] Baby Won't You Light My Menorah
	11] You Never Give Me Your Money 
	10] The Ballad of John, Yoko and Schlomo
	 9] Give Pesach a Chance
	 8] Maxwell's Silver Mezuzzah
	 7] Shekel Lane
	 6] Do You Want to Know a Secret [I Eat Ham]
	 5] All You Need Is Gelt
	 4] Fixing a Hole [No Way, Call Somebody]
	 3] Why Don't We Do it in the Shul
	 2] Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and the Rabbi
	 1] Hey Jules

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