The Top 13 Jewish Country & Western Songs

13> Achy Breaky Hip

12> I Got the Guilt, You Got the Gelt (I Went and Cut Another
    Notch in My Belt)

11> Take This, "Job," and Shove It

10> I'm Cryin' in My Manischewitz ('Cause I Lost Rebecca Levitz)

 9> Ever Since My Circumcision, My Baby's Been Short With Me

 8> All My Exes Made an Exodus

 7> The Shiksa's Gonna Hit the Fan

 6> This Bris!  This Bris!!  Unchoppable!!!

 5> Four Thousand Years of Sufferin', and I Had to Marry You

 4> My Woman Gave Me Crabs, and That Ain't Kosher

 3> I've Starved and I've Suffered and I've Parted the Sea 
    Just to Find That Your Bush Wasn't Burnin' For Me

 2> Homeland on the Range

and's Number 1 Jewish Country & Western Song...

 1> Alright, Already, Enough With The Infidelity!

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