The Top Ten Signs That You Haven't Been to Shul Often

1.	"Hey, my book is backwards."
2.	"Isn't it impolite to talk when the minister is talking?"
3.	"What's with the beanies?"
4. 	"Isn't it funny that one person on the stage has a better singing 
	voice than the other ones."
5.	"I get the standing and the sitting; when do we kneel?
6.	"Does your prayer book have writing in a funny looking alphabet, 
7.	"Why do people keep coming in even after the service starts?  
	Didn't they know what time it starts?"
8.	"Do a bunch of people always get up and walk out just before the 
	rabbi gives the sermon?"
9.	"This food after the services is really good, but wouldn't it be 
	better if people waited in line and then only took a little at 
	a time?"
10.	"Hey, I remember this part from 'Fiddler on the Roof'!"

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