Top Ten Reasons Not to Clean Your Room

	1)  You don't like the carpet.
	2)  Your schedule is as full as your clothes hamper.
	3)  When your buddies are over, they say how much they love what you've 
		done with your room.
	4)  Rearranging would mean rediscovering the bag of apples that you 
		bought for for a late night snack...three years ago.
	5)  It would require digging out the vacuum.
	6)  You've learned from all the sci-fi movies you've seen, that wierd 
		things happen when people mess around with natural land marks...
		like the mountain of shoes next to the bed.
	7)  Your room is a masterpiece that took months to perfect, and a project
		that will take years to clean up.
	8)  You might actually see your walls, which would mean looking at the New
		Kids on the Block posters you super-glued everywhere in the fourth 
	9)  You don't have a big urge.
	10) You've heard that twinkies will last 1000 years and you're only seven
		years into the experiment.

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